We are moving forward in having in person services in a way that is considerate towards everyone who decides to step through our doors. This decision has come after much, much prayer. Pastor Shane Algard, the other pastors and CCLS's elders have had many discussions about how to move forward. Pastor Shane has also had discussion with many area pastors on how they are approaching this and we have peace about how we are moving forward.

It is important that we work together, following a good amount of CDC and health department guidelines, and we ask for your continued patience and cooperation.
The doors will be open for worship and bible study again on Sundays at 9AM, and we will also continue to have our drive-in/outdoor service at 10:30. Kids church will be provided at the 10:30am service as well as youth church in the upper room. Wednesdays we will also have free dinner at 6:30PM, service at 7PM as well as youth service in the upper room.

We will have 50% of chairs available with every other row left empty. This will adequately allow for distancing per CDC instructions.
We will ask that there be a minimum of three empty seats between individuals, couples, families.
Per recent guidelines we can have up to 200 people in our service so we will not be asking people to "sign up" to attend service.

Face Coverings                
We ask that you please wear a face covering in agreement with CDC recommendations. Disposable masks will be available for your use.

Kids Church       
During the 9AM service we will not be holding kids church due to the challenge of keeping them distanced in the classrooms. However at 10:30AM during the drive-in/outdoor church there will be kids church inside the main sanctuary and youth church in the Upper Room. CDC recommends children older than 2 year old wear a face covering.

We will continue to serve drip coffee at the in person 9AM service
No personal mugs and cups please, unless used solely for beverages brought from home.

We will be sanitizing surfaces before, during, and between services.
We will have hand sanitizer available.

We have invested in prepackaged communion to limit handling of the elements.

High Risk Persons      
We are asking that if you are immunocompromised, advanced in age, or otherwise at "high risk" that you stay home.

Sick or Symptomatic 
We are asking that if you are sick or symptomatic in any way, that you stay home. Please consult your physician.

Online Services          
We will continue to provide a live service @ 9AM on our website, our app, facebook page, youtube channel and elsewhere.
Know that we love and care for you, and as such we are taking as many precautions as we think is realistic.
If you feel that it is "too soon" for you, or are in one of the high risk categories, we want you to know that we understand there are many different viewpoints and comfort levels, and there is no shame should you desire to wait a bit more.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email the elders directly here, or via the form below (anonymously if you choose.)