Sunday 9AM & 11AM | Wednesday 7PM

UpperRoom Students


Our primary goal is to provide a safe place for students (6th-12th grade) to hang out, have fun, be heard and hear the Gospel.  Any 6th-12th grade student is welcome to come as they are. We are committed to communicating God’s love and plan for people and making disciples through His Word. During this process, we will equip them to not only be a disciple, but become a discipler.


The building used for the Upper Room Students Ministry is at the top of the parking lot.

Youth Group - Wednesday | 7:00-8:30PM

During this time we come together, have fun, engage in worship and a sermon taught by Pastor Ben for the High Schoolers and Gabe Svob for the Jr. High. Our service is held in the Upper Room building.

Youth Church - Sunday | 11AM-12:30PM

 A time of fellowship, worship and a message from Pastor Ben for 6-12th grade students. Come on out and worship with us!  

Hangouts | Tuesday 3:00-5:00PM 

It can be difficult to really get to know each other and create lasting bonds just seeing each other before and after service. "Hangouts" is a time provided for Jr. High-Senior High students and the upper room leaders to just spend time together and develop lasting friendships through fellowship. Dinner is also provided during this time.

Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) | Tuesday 5:00-6:30PM

We currently provide Discipleship Groups for Senior High students and Jr. High Students. During this time we split the guys and girls up with men and woman leaders for a time of intentional Bible Study. We also open it up for students to talk about how they are REALLY doing. We then will all pray together, and go through whatever book of the Bible it is we're studying. This is not a sermon based study. During this time our goal is to help the students read the Bible on their own, learn how to interpret what it's saying, and apply it to their lives. We are just guides and mentors.
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