JAN 25: Club 45 starts this Tuesday at 3:30! The first part of the meeting will be for parent information. Meet us in Room 4.
JAN 28-30: Gatherblast for our Young Adults (18-32)! Sign up this week on the website or on the app!
HAITI MISSION: This last Wednesday, Pastor Leo from Haiti joined us to talk about his mission work at his orphanage - and there's an opportunity for you to get involved! Click HERE to see what you can do to help.

OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE: The Worship Team - specifically the Audio team - is looking for people interested in serving. Reach out to Brian Mills to join the team!
LIFE GROUPS ARE HAPPENING!  Click HERE to find one or email Pastor Shane if you're interested in leading one.
OCC:  There's still a chance to build a box online! Click HERE to build one.


FEB 12: Taproot Theatre Play at CCLS: The Taproot Theatre cast is putting on a play for us here at the church. This will be more Valentines Day themed, but all are welcome to come!
FEB 18-21: Winterblast High School Retreat! Sign up online.
FEB 22: The second Club 45 meeting in Room 4! Bring your 4th & 5th grader to church at 3:30-6:00PM.